Olivia Holborn | I Love My Man
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I Love My Man

I Love My Man

Have I mentioned that I love my man?

I love his smell, his courage, his sexy everything.

I love the way he sacrifices for me and our boys.

I love the way he gives me nightly head rubs because I love them more than almost anything else.

I love the way he makes fires, fixes broken things and engages with everyone he meets to make their day brighter.

I love the way he made a special selection of Hannah’s music for when we’re traveling together on his Harley trike because he knows I really don’t like his ’80s rock.

I love the way he cares about baby birds and frogs but would protect me and our boys fiercely, without remorse if ever needed.

I love the way he lets me live my life as I choose without constraints, and notices when I make small sacrifices, although he makes far more.

I love that he writes all of our cards because the task makes me anxious even though I write for a living, and he always adds his glorious, personalized cartoons. 

I love the way he’s planning to turn an ice storm stump into a delightful raccoon garden surprise.

I love my man.


cartoons © Ian Holborn 2018


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