Olivia Holborn | Books
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Move-In Ready

QUINN GOODLANDER, a 19-year-old Chunky Chicken employee, dreams of having more than a hot plate in a bug-infested room and a bathroom shared with ten unsanitary men. So she applies when Veronica Honeywell, a 40-year-old heiress with terminal brain cancer, holds a contest to give away her island estate. There are a few odd stipulations: the applicants must be willing to breed cats, collect salt and pepper shakers, and run a nature reserve for the rest of their lives. They must also answer a question. Why do they deserve to win? Even though Quinn’s crazy mother often asked, “What makes you think you deserve anything, baby?” Quinn puts red ink to Chunky Chicken paper, writes from the heart—and is accidentally named runner up.


The winner, a narcissistic biologist, plays dirty tricks on Quinn whose kindhearted quirkiness wins her island-wide affection, including that of Veronica and a sexy farmer. But the greatest threat to Quinn comes from within. Unless she believes herself worthy of happiness, then a self-protecting habit from childhood—that of ending relationships first by making unforgivable mistakes—might cost her everything.