Olivia Holborn | Books
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Move-In Ready

Quinn Goodlander, a 19-year-old Chunky Chicken employee and survivor of foster care, dreams of two things: starring in her own epic love story and finding a permanent home.


Unhinged by a terminal disease and desperate to leave a legacy, Veronica Honeywell, a 39-year-old heiress, goes on TV to offer her island estate—and its many responsibilities—to whichever female applicant writes the most compelling letter.


When Quinn applies—and a prank lands her and her dog on Honeywell Island—her quirky charm soon wins the heart of ailing Veronica, friendship with a patchwork of oddball islanders, and unexpected romance with a charismatic farmer. It also earns her the animosity of the estate beneficiary, a scheming narcissist with stellar qualifications.


Has Quinn found the epic love story and home she longs for? Or will a self-protecting habit from her vulnerable childhood—that of speeding the inevitable end of relationships by making unforgivable mistakes—cost her everything?