Olivia Holborn | About
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In a delightful case of life imitating art, author Olivia Holborn has followed in the footsteps of her quirky heroine Quinn Goodlander. Soon after completing a draft of MOVE-IN READY, Olivia and her husband moved to the estate Lark Rise Horse House, thanks to the generosity of a family friend and benefactor.


Olivia has published critically acclaimed literary fiction under Hannah Holborn.

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Got wheels, will travel! The high forehead is a good thing, right?

Wild child

The time I fell in love with the Yukon and almost stayed.

Love at first sight does happen!

I can’t get enough of these three guys!

Still crazy in love! Yup, those are matching glasses.

  • Move-In Ready

    Book one in the trilogy. A young kleptomaniac, when given a chance to change her life, learns she must first change herself.